Sail forth - steer for the deep waters only, Reckless O soul, exploring, I with thee and thou with me, For we are bound where mariner has not yet dared to go, And we will risk the ship, ourselves and all.

Wreck Hunter   


In loving memory of Steve Carmichael-Timson

20 March 1958 to 2 March 2008

My husband Steve was a charismatic man who lived life to the full and made a lasting impression on everyone he met. He was a larger than life character with many friends and, because he wasn’t perfect, a few enemies. He was a very gifted man and was passionate about everything he did in his life. Scuba diving, underwater archaeology and videography were his greatest passions. He inspired many people to take up diving but he always insisted that divers honour archaeological sites.

Steve took his own life when the Wreck Hunter and Underwater Videography business he had worked so hard to set up, was destroyed by the actions of a small group of people. That broke his heart. I scattered his ashes over the wreck of the M2 submarine in Weymouth Bay, a wreck he had always wanted to dive but never did.

Steve will be remembered for his many talents, his kindness to so many people and his great passion for life. The fantastic stories he told will also be remembered as Steve was a man who knew how to spin a terrific yarn and his wicked sense of humour would often lead him to exaggerate things just to see how much he could get away with.

Steve was a great supporter of the work carried out by the Nautical Archaeology Society so I gave all of his wreck hunting and diving equipment, including his RIB, to them as a living memorial. NAS is using the equipment for its own projects and will establish a loan scheme to make the survey equipment available to other archaeological groups and societies so that many more worthwhile projects will benefit from Steve’s equipment. They will also run an annual Part 3 course in Steve’s memory teaching people how to use the kit. This gift has allowed NAS to set up their own SAA dive club with the RIB being used by divers interested in participating in archaeological projects and expeditions. Visit for more information.

Karen Carmichael-Timson