B-24 42-78213    -    They will never be forgotten

The photo is the remains of the B-24 # 42-78213 crashed in the bay of Agay, French Riviera, after shot down by German Flak the 27 May 1944.

The plane belonged at the 15th USAAF, 454th BG, 736 BS.  Target : Montpellier/Frejorgues. GAF'airdrome.
Of the 10 men aboard : 2 KIA (bodies recovered at sea) 4 still reported missing and 4 Pow's.
The aircraft was discovered in August 1984.
The picture was taken only some time after the discovery.

The diver is Philippe Castellano and in his hand is the parachute of the bombardier.

If anyone has any information or any photographs of the crew please let us know so we can pass the information on.  All information on crashed US aircraft are being passed on to the Central Identification Laboratory in Hawaii with the view to excavation and possible recovery of any remains that may remain inside the aircraft.

Sea-Tech Exploration will continue to search the seas for the remains of servicemen who made the ultimate sacrifice with the view to recovery and returning them home.

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