Junkers Ju. 88

The wreck of this twin-engined aircraft is lying approximately a kilometre and a half from the island of Le Frioul at a depth of around 53 meters.  She is resting on sand as neatly as if she had been pared in a hangar; the tail is bent at an angle of 45 degrees, but all the other structural elements of the plane are completely intact.  The bomber is 14.5 meters long and has a wingspan of a little under 20 meters.  The glazed nose is buckled, probably as a result of the impact with the sea.  Parts of the Junker Ju. 88, the tail and the left-hand wing, are wrapped in a wide-mesh net.  When you begin your dive to this aircraft and are descending through the blue waters, you should pause at a depth of around tem meters.  From this point you will be able to admire the wreck in its entirety.  As the bomber is small, in contrast with other deep wrecks you will have time to examine everything.  Among the most interesting elements are the engines, which although the lack their propellers, really are impressive.  The Junker Ju. 88's were generally equipped with Jumo 211 B, 1200 hp engines, or 213 E units developing 1725 hp. This is another discovery by our French diving collegues and was discovered by Mr Luc Vanrell.