Messershmitt Bf109G - Le Planier, France.

The wreck of the Messershmitt can be found about 100 meters off the island of Le Planier at a depth of 45 meters.  The waters surrounding the island are fairly clear and the wreck can be seen from some distance.  When conditions of visibility are good the dive can be made from the island itself. The Messershmitt is lying upside down with the undercarriage uppermost.  One propeller blade is buried in the sand, whilst the others are broken.  The rudder and tail planes are distorted due to unsuccessful attempts by divers to lift the wreck to discover what secrets were hidden in the aircraft's cockpit.  The wreck is lying on a broad expanse of sand and is a veritable aquatic oasis.  The barrel of the 30 mm cannon in the propeller spinner is now the home of a conger eel whilst large annelids encrust the wings and undercarriage.  It you illuminate the plane with your torch prepare to be astonished by the extraordinary colouring of the sponges which cover the interior.