Unknown B25 Mitchell Bomber

The wreck of a perfectly intact B25 lies just a couple of miles off the coast of Corsica in 20 meters of water. This aircraft has not been plundered by souvenir hunters and according to an airline pilot who dived it, said "It looks like it was just placed on the sea bed. The pilot must have possessed greater than average skill to land an aircraft like that with such little damage." When diving this wreck, the guns and Plexiglas are still there; it looks like it wants to fly again. Something has to be done about this aircraft. We would like to formally identify the aircraft and conduct a full archaeological excavation of the site, returning any human remains we may find back to the U.S. for formal identification and burial. If anybody can be found who will take on the responsibility of preserving it we would love to hear from them. The last report from Corsica is that the aircraft is starting to become alarmingly enveloped by silt, this has now reached beyond the level of the wings. If nothing is done soon this aircraft, one of a very rare type, will be lost. Sea Tech wishes to ensure that any project undertaken, where human remains are encountered. Due respect and regard is always shown.